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Sales & Bid Estimation

  • Extensive support in the development of an accurate scope of your project 

  • Assistance in the procurement of specials and 'add-ons'

  • Comprehensive and detailed millwork bid package delivered on time

Project Management & Engineering

  • Committed to on-time management of your project  

  • We work side by side with you every step of the way to ensure complete satisfaction

  • Our talented engineering team uses the latest industry standard software to ensure accurate comprehensive drawings are created for customer review and production.

Fabrication & Manufacturing

  • We pride ourselves on our quality, along with speed to market

  • We are committed to automation of our manufacturing processes, where possible

  • We have a constant drive for continuous improvement 

  • We maintain and retain a highly skilled workforce


  • Our dedicated installation teams are comprised of some of our best woodworkers

  • Our brand new fleet of vans and trucks support to deliver on-time and damage free products

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